Robert "BAR Bob" Jackson

The wounded medic in the above sketch is Jimmy English. Wounded near the Anzio Beach Head, PFC Robert Brooks Jackson, known to others in his unit as, B A R Bob, (Browning Automatic Rifle), saved Jimmy's life. Jackson rescued English after finding him in a ditch shortly after Echohawk had witnessed the medic being wounded by German fire. Thinking the medic was dead, Jackson heard a moan from English. Realizing the situation was quickly becoming, "no man's land" and seeing English shot in the face, PFC Jackson took action.

With the sun setting and the Germans sweeping the battlefield, Jackson drug English over 200 yards while keeping steady fire with his M1 Garand against the attacking forces. There was no time to think but simply reaction to what had become "second nature" for Jackson, Pure survival instinct. PFC Jackson, under fire, drug English to safety where he was turned over to the medical corp for further care before returning to his unit.

Private Robert Jackson, Company B, 179th Infantry, 45th Division

Private Robert Jackson

I had the incredible privilege of visiting with Mr. Jackson, now 96 years young. Mr. Jackson and his daughter Wendy and son-in-law Chuck were gracious beyond words. As I listened to Robert, (Bob as he likes to be called), my sense of awe was beyond anything I have witnessed to date. Bob made it through the entire war surviving being captured by the SS. and wounds from shrapnel. In a humble tone he explained, "I simply did what I was trained to do."

Thank you, Bob, (BAR-Browning Automatic Rifle, Jackson). You are honored for your courage, for your spirit. With the exemplary duty of "no man left behind," it is my privilege to share your story.

Every day I am amazed that through this historical record created by 21 year old Sergeant Brummett Echohawk, that we find this level of history through the eyes of a combat infantry soldier. Sgt Echohawk, having the foresight to document and archive in the manner he did, produced a superb historical collection that will continue to properly honor the warriors of the Greatest Generation, without embellishment, in perpetuity...

God bless you, Bob

Mark R Ellenbarger

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