Quarter Horse News Interview with Brummett Echohawk Project Director Mark Ellenbarger

Our Director, Mark Ellenbarger, recently sat down with Quarter Horse News art director, Holly Tarquino to discuss Brummett Echohawk's wartime work and The Brummett Echohawk Project, read more here.

Discussed were topics relating to Echohawk's postwar work as an illustrator for numerous publications like Western Horseman. The image below is an example of Echohawk's later work as an illustrator. Mark also shares some of his personal memories of Brummett Echohawk in this interview.

One of many magazine covers that featured Brummett Echohawk's work.

Special feature: woman in back left-green dress, Mary Echohawk, Brummett Echohawk's wife. Woman on back right- black dress, Lucille Rose-Johnson Ellenbarger, Mark R Ellenbarger's mother.

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