Brummett Echohawk (1922-2006)

 Drawing Fire is the true story that has been speculated by many historians and researchers for decades. The reader will step onto the battlefield as never before with a Band of Brothers from every American Indian Tribe and Tounge. Roughnecks hardened by the onslaught of the Great Depression and mean as a Jersy bull. Experience this amazing memoir of service of this American Indian squad, their Native traditions, humor, and the deep sorry they would experience as never told before. 

-Mark R Ellenbarger,

author Drawing Fire:

A Pawnee, artist, and Thunderbird


Operation Shingle, the battle for Anzio, would become one of the bloodiest military campaigns of WWII. Thirty- six thousand men from all walks of life. More than one thousand American Indians who fought with a ferocity passed down by their elders of old. Our toughest troops taking ground with endless resolve only to return it and take it back again. Adolf Hitler would throw his best troops at the Allies, and find nothing less than acts of courage above and beyond. This earned these men of the 45th the moniker-The Rock of Anzio. General S George Patton's statement holds true," one of the best, if not the best division in the history of American Arms" The Vaunted Thunderbirds.


From this epic battle comes the long-awaited work of "Drawing Fire." Through the eyes Pawnee Thunderbird, Brummett Echohawk, this story is told without embellishment by a man the army determined, "Echohawk has total recall of events." Sergeant Echohawk, having no knowledge of his skill to create a pictorial record that will awe readers with over forty sketches of battle scenes, individual portraits of members of the Allied forces and wounded prisoner of an epic that holds the only work of its kind. In the words of historian Flint Whitlock, this was "Desperate Valour" as never told before. 


Twenty years of research by Mark R Ellenbarger:  Forward by Medal of Honor recipient, Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Childers, (Retired). From Sicily, Salerno, and Anzio, which became known as "The Battle of the Factory."


Take in each moment of what it was like to fight against a devastating force. Sgt. Echohawk would lose many good men who battled against this bastion of tyranny as Hitler sought to, "Lance the Abscess" only to meet the spiritual resolve of a force that held to the moniker-The Rock of Anzio...




Drawing Fire: by Brummett Echohawk and Mark R Ellenbarger, edited by Trent Riley. Forward by Lt Col Ernest Childers, MoH, (US Army retired).


*Lt Col Childers was the first Native American to receive the Medal of Honor since the Indian Wars of the 19th century. 

Mark (Standingthunder) Ellenbarger, is an author and speaker, whose primary focus is on the American Indian during WWII. The Italian Campaign, with a special emphasis on Anzio and the, "Battle of the Factory. Mark shares the history of Native culture, language, and fighting skills passed down from generations before. 


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The Thunderbirds of B Company, 179th RCT with captured NAZI Flag in the photo below. Echohawk's squad while on patrol disguised themselves to the best of their ability. While walking through a small town, Echohawk's squad was spotted by a German officer.

The squad.ducked in a movie theatre where Gary Cooper was playing Sergeant Italian. Upon leaving, the Thunderbirds pull down the NAZI flag, then utilizing an empty wine bottle putting a note in it; "this town taken by American Indians 1943, great wine!"

                                        Brummett Echohawk: second row, far right.

                                                     CAPTURED NAZI FLAG